Shocking Revelation: Eminem Takes a Stand Against Presidential Campaign Music

Eminem, the famous U.S. rapper, had a little chat with Vivek Ramaswamy, who’s running for President as a Republican. Now, Eminem’s music is really cool, but he asked Vivek Ramaswamy not to use it for his campaign. This news came out on Monday when a letter from a group called BMI, who take care of music rights, was revealed.

The letter, which was written on August 23, got people talking. BMI told Ramaswamy’s campaign that Eminem himself didn’t want his songs to be part of the campaign anymore. The letter said, “Hey, Eminem, whose real name is Marshall B. Mathers, III, doesn’t want his music in Vivek Ramaswamy’s campaign. So, we’re taking his songs out of the agreement.”

Ramaswamy’s campaign replied to this and said, “Sure thing, we’ll stop using Eminem’s music.” Ramaswamy isn’t a politician by trade, he’s actually a businessperson who’s done some cool things in the tech world. People are paying attention to him in the polls, and he’s been calling out his rivals for being a bit too connected to money.

Last week, during a debate for the Republican party, Ramaswamy had a lot of attention on him. Even though he’s new to this political stuff, his rivals seemed to take him seriously. They gave him a hard time because he’s a big supporter of Donald Trump, the former President.

By the way, Trump didn’t show up at that debate. Instead, he had a talk with an old news guy named Tucker Carlson. You know, they put that talk out on X, which is what they’re calling Twitter now. And all this happened while the debate was going on. Exciting times, right?

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