Mind-Blowing Kick: Colorado Buffaloes’ Kicker Shocks Everyone with Insane Field Goal

The Colorado Buffaloes are about to kick off their new season, and they’re starting off with a bang against TCU in Week 1. But guess what? The secret weapon might just be the special teams.

Jace Feely, the Colorado kicker, recently pulled off a jaw-dropping feat during practice – he nailed a super long-range field goal. And guess who couldn’t help but react? Yep, his head coach had the funniest response.

Deion Sanders, the coach who recently took over at Colorado after his time at Jackson State, has been making quite the buzz in the college football world. He’s improved the team’s talent and given them a lot of attention in the past months.

But here’s the real excitement: the Buffaloes’ first game. They’re going head-to-head against TCU, the national runner-up. It’s a big challenge, but Coach Prime and his crew are up for it. Some folks are even daring to predict an upset, despite the 21-point underdog status for the Buffs.

And guess what could be a game-changer? Yep, the kicking game. Jace Feely, whose dad was a NFL kicker, wowed everyone during training by kicking a 62-yard field goal. Impressive, right?

Even though all eyes have been on Coach Prime and the potential stars on the team, like Shedeur Sanders and Travis Hunter, it seems the special teams are ready to shine. Jace Feely’s fantastic kick got his teammates cheering, and Coach Sanders had the best comeback. When they showed him on camera after the kick, he joked, “If I had toes, I could do that, too.”

You see, Sanders had lost some toes due to surgery before coming to Colorado, which has affected his mobility and kicking skills. Thankfully, Feely’s got the kicking duties covered for 2023. Last season, as an Arizona State transfer, he punted once for 37 yards and aced his only extra point.

So keep your eyes on Feely as he gears up to make a real impact in Boulder this year. It looks like the Buffs are getting ready to make some serious moves on the field!

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